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Ассоциация международных автомобильных перевозчиков


We offer our customers a complete range of transportation services starting from simple delivery and finishing with the following range of transportation services:
  • Choosing a truck according to the volume and character of your shipment
  • Advising on the optimal route for your shipment
  • Advising on the optimal mode of transport. Multimodal transportation
  • Consolidation at warehouses in Europe.
  • Scheduling the shipments at your request
  • Insurance at any transportation stage
We offer any kind of motor vehicles for transportation throughout Europe. Using our own motor fleet and working in close collaboration with transportation companies from different parts of Europe, we are able to quickly send a truck for loading and deliver your goods efficiently. You will not be engaged in a long chain of intermediaries and, therefore, will not pay extras. We continually monitor our vehicles using mobile communication and are able to inform you quickly about the location of your goods and/or make any changes in the transportation. Our vehicles conform to the "Euro II - III" norms and are supplied with the ecological certificate "L - package" which give advantage for transportation through several European countries. For the transportation of hazardous cargo we can offer trucks supplied with ADR set. The majority of our fleet is 110-120 m3 trucks. Reliable motor vehicles, produced by the leading motor manufacturers; skillful drivers; and transportation managers who are on-line 24 hours a day will ensure the safety of your goods, efficient transportation and the very best service.


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